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Career paths of our graduates over the past 30 years are varied, much like a patchwork quilt. The majority of our graduates have assumed academic positions at universities and health science centers throughout the country. Beyond that, the careers have ranged from hospital based practices, to business (e.g., Vice President for Research at PAR), to administrative positions (CEO’s, Associate Deans and Chairs), to pharmaceuticals and clinical practice. There is even an attorney in our midst, specializing in health care law. Below is a sampling of the graduates from our program, beginning in the present and going backwards in time to the 1970’s.


2000 – 2006

S. Lagemann, Ph.D. 2006 Post-doctoral Fellow, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
V. Dotson, Ph.D. 2006 Post-doctoral Fellow, NIA
B. Parkinson, Ph.D. 2006 Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Iowa
E. Leritz, Ph.D. 2004 Postdoctoral Associate, Harvard Medical/Boston VAMC
O. Pedraza, Ph.D. 2004 Assisstant Professor, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL
C. Loftis, Ph.D. 2004 Congressional Fellow, Washington DC
J. Demery, Ph.D 2004 McKnight Brain Institute & UF Clinical Assistant Professor
K. McCoy, Ph.D. 2004 Postdoctoral Associate, San Antonio
C. McDonald, Ph.D. 2003 Postdoctoral Associate, UC San Diego
L. Maron, Ph.D. 2003 Assistant Professor, Oregon Health Sciences University
T. Conway, Ph.D. 2003 Assistant Research Professor, University of Florida
B. Phalin, Ph.D. 2003 Private Practice
S. Knauts, Ph.D. 2003 Private Practice
M. Allison Cato, Ph.D. 2002 Neuropsychologist, Nemours Clinic, Jacksonville, FL
L. Grande, Ph.D. 2002 Staff neuropsychologist, Memory Disorders Research Center, Boston, VAMC
M. Rogish, Ph.D. 2002 Clinical Neuropsychologist, Rehabilitation Hospital, York,,Great Britain
K. Radonovich, Ph.D. 2002 Assistant Professor in Psychiatry, University of Florida
T. Warner, Ph.D. 2002 Private Practice
A. Lane, Ph.D. 2001 Assistant Professor, Brown
L. Lu, Ph.D. 2000 Assistant Professor, Roosevelt University
T. Zawacki, Ph.D. 2000 Assistant Professor, Georgia State University, Atlanta
J. Gitten, Ph.D. 2000 Assistant Professor, Brown
J. Sadek, Ph.D. 2000 Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico
S. Kortenkamp, Ph.D. 2000 Staff neuropsychologist, Marshfield Clinic-Lakeland Center, Minocqua, WI


1995 – 1999

R. Lincoln, Ph.D. 1999 Neuropsychologist, Spinal Cord Injury Unit , Seattle L.
L. Doty, Ph.D. 1999 Private Practice
D. Moser, Ph.D. 1998 Associate Professor in Psychiatry, University of Iowa
R. Streisand, Ph.D. 1998 Clinical Asst. Professor, Children’s National Med Center, Washington, DC
R. Skeel, Ph.D. 1998 Assistant Professor, Central Michigan University
G. Brinson, Ph.D. 1998 Private Practice
C. Richardson, Ph.D. 1998 Health Care Attorney, Atlanta, GA
P. Zuffante, Ph.D.
Private Practice
C. Shigaki, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of. Missouri
T. Spevak, Ph.D. 1997 Assistant Professor, St. Louis University
T. Flynn, Ph.D. 1996 Assistant Professor, CHOP, University of Penn
K. Holler, Ph.D. 1996 Associate Clinical Professor, Brown University
B. Slomine, Ph.D. 1995 Assistant Professor in Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore
R. Adeo, Ph.D. 1995 Director, Outpatient Head Trauma Rehabilitation, Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, Jacksonville,
M. Petry, Ph.D. 1995 Private Practice, Coconut Grove, FL
M. Jones-Booth, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, University of South Florida



K. Fiano, Ph.D. 1994 Private Practice
N. Nabors, Ph.D. 1994 Associate Professor, Eastern Michigan University
E. Balzac, Ph.D. 1993 Director of Assessment, Dana Group Associate, Needham, MA
T. White, Ph.D. 1992 Vice President for Research, Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR)
D. Williamson, Ph.D. 1992 Neuropsychologist, Ortho McNeal Pharmaceuticals, Tampa, FL
K. Greve, Ph.D. 1992 Associate Professor and Chair of Psychology, Univ. of New Orleans
S. Koehler, Ph.D. 1992 Private Practice
E. Spence, Ph.D. 1992 Private Practice
C. Schramke, Ph.D. 1991 Staff Psychologist, Allegheny Hospital
S. Rediess, Ph.D. 1990 Associate Professor in Psychiatry, University of Rochester



K. Froming, Ph.D. 1988 Associate Director, Behavior Medicine Unit & Clinical Neuropsychology Division, UC San Francisco
C. Cimino, Ph.D. 1988 Associate Professor in Psychology, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
M. Bilak, Ph.D. 1988 Private Practice
M. Morris, Ph.D. 1986 Associate Professor & Chair, Dept Psychology, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
S. Rogers, Ph.D. 1986 Director of Neuropsychology, Del Oro Institute for Rehabilitation
Y. Sparling, Ph.D. 1986 Clinical Director, Dept. Youth Services, State of
Massachusetts, Shrewsbury
W. Elliott, Ph.D. 1984 Senior Psychologist, Johnson Co. Mental Health, NC
R. Morris, Ph.D 1982 Professor and Associate Dean for Research, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
H. Harris, Ph.D. 1982 Private Practice, Melrose, FL
L. Lax, Ph.D. 1982 Adjunct Faculty, LIJH, Private Practice
A. Cohen, Ph.D. 1981 Staff Psychologist, VAMC, Houston & Baylor College of
C. Schauer, Ph.D. 1980 President & CEO, Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital and Centers, Jacksonville, FL
P. Hangar, Ph.D. Private Practice
M. Hohenegger, Ph. D. Private Practice
M. McGuigan, Ph.D. Gainesville VAMC


1970’s and Earlier

E. Fennell , Ph.D. 1979 Professor, University ot Florida
D. Bowers, Ph.D. 1978 Professor, University of Florida
J. Fristch, Ph.D. 1978 Private Practice
T. Vanden Abell 1977 Staff Neuropsychologist, VAMC, Gainesville, FL
J. Fletcher, Ph.D. 1977 Professor, TRIMS, University of Texas
B. Gasparinni, Ph.D. 1977 Private Practice
S. Sparrow, Ph.D. 1968 Professor, Child Study Center, Yale University