Internship Placement


Internship Placements of UF Neuropsychology: Graduate Students Over the Last 10 years

Neuropsychology graduate students at UF have consistently obtained their top internship placements. During the fall of each year, all internship applicants participate in biweekly meetings led by the Director of Graduate Education (Dr. Bauer). These meetings include discussions about the intern application process, letters of recommendation (i.e., who to ask and when), interview preparation, and helpful-pragmatic information from previous interns.

What determines a “top” selection? This varies slightly from individual to individual, because of the unique training needs and interests of each applicant. Consideration is paid to the overall quality and commitment of the program to internship training, emphasis on certain types of training experiences (i.e., geriatric, rehabilitation, child vs adult, etc.), availability of didactic and research opportunities, and geographic location.

Shown below are intern placements for neuropsychology graduate students at UF over the past 10 years.

M. Gaiefsky University of Alabama, Birmingham
A. Preston Brown University Medical School
P. Seignourel University of Texas Medical School, Houston


B. Parkinson University of Alabama/VAMC
S. Lageman West Virgina/Morgantown
V. Jones James Haley VAMC, Tampa


C. Weirenga UC San Diego
G. Selke Kennedy Kreiger/Johns Hopkins
L. Frakey Brown University
M. Cole UCLA


P. Eisenberg Long Island Jewish Hospital
B. Leritz Harvard Med/Brockton VA
K. McCoy Memphis VAMC
K. Richards University of Alabama
O. Pedraza Emory University
H. Benefield University of Alabama
J. Demery James Haley VAMC, Tampa


C. Loftis Kennedy Kreiger
C. McDonald UC San Diego
T. Warner University of Alabama


A. Cato UC San Diego
L. Maron UC San Diego
L. Grande Harvard Med/Brockton VA


J. Gitten Brown University
B. Phalin James Haley VAMC, Tampa
K. Radonovich Kennedy-Kreiger


S. Kortenkamp Long Island Jewish
Li. Lu Chicago Medical School
M. Rogish James Haley VAMC, Tampa
J. Sadek VAMC, Albuerque
T. Zawacki Brown University
M. Jones Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City


T. Conway Missouri Health Science Consortium
L. Doty Kennedy Kreiger
A. Lane Tulane Medical


G.Brinson University of Alabama
R. Lincoln Gainesville VAMC
S. Musil U. Chicago Medical Center
R. Skeel STMVH, Columbio, MO
R. Streisland Bradley Hospital, E. Providence
S. Knauts Florida State Hospital


S. Kury VAMC-Gainesville
D. Moser University of Florida
P. Zuffante Brown University
C. Shigaki VAMC-Columbia MO
M. Spevak U. Chicago/Psychiatry


T. Flynn Long Island Jewish
A. Colvin Columbia Presbyterian
K..Holler VAMC-Providence


B. Slomine Harvard Med/Brockton VAMC
C. Richardson McLean Hospital/Harvard
M. Petry Mailman Center Child development/Miami